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/// LQD_V3 DROPS 7.31 - 12:00PM PDT ///




For the first year, LQD was more of an expression of product than brand. We started with the LQD_V1_Black Hoodie inspired by streetwear and the fringe tastes of the apparel team. It was a hit, instantly demanding more of ours and the public’s attention. 

In our minds, LQD was always larger than just a hoodie. With each version, we conceptualized bottoms, accessories, bags, and so much more. V3 is the first step to these greater horizons but also a symbol of our gentle separation of the brands. Though LQD is born from Team Liquid and created under the same roof, we're moving out from the comforts of esports and into a broader audience with a look and feel entirely separate from its TL roots. Don't worry, LQD is still for you


Of course, the hoodie is still the staple. With Mauve we wanted to incorporate a color pop that we've considered from the early iterations of LQD. Inspired by the muted desert landscapes of Tatooine, Mauve brings the color but remains flat and subtle in that LQD way. For construction, we went with an asymmetrical front zip pocket complimented by a left-side only triple chevron for an off-kilter look. 

This loose almost slouched vibe is bread and butter for the collection and something you'll find in every piece. Our dry-touch terry cotton plays suit with a perfect blend of drape and structure. Size up for the real post-apocalyptic look or keep it standard for a slimming silhouette. 


The return of Bone White was an easy choice after the success of V2's similar colorway. With a white that's just off and a touch of yellow to give it that weathered look, this piece brings versatility of style. Match it to your favorite pair of black jeans and you're set. 

With the same build as Mauve, this V3 body has been in work since 2019. We focused on contrast first: LQD flows, it's fabric-heavy, it drapes, yet we wanted to incorporate these industrial pops with dark metal zippers on both sides and the asymmetrical pouch along with heavy black design hits. The result is a look that's soft and minimal in the broader construction, but chaotic and loud in the details.


A minimal beat in the collection, the V3 black long sleeve has three external design elements in total: a center chest screenprint and two chevron embroidery stitch hits on either hip. From there, the story unfolds in garment alone. Split raw edge hems around the neck and sleeves translated the deconstructed feel of LQD to a softer format. 

The pattern itself is slimming and streamlined with a bottom split and dipped back for a draped frame. Hand-feel was the primary focus in fabric selection, landing us on smooth cooling mercerized cotton that's soft to the touch but holds its structure. 


This short-sleeve tee is another translation of deconstruction, one of LQD's primary themes. A common practice when developing LQD garments is to think of the clean and perfect version then take steps back from there. What if it's backward, upside down, in this case: inside out. 

These quirks and 'mistakes' become the shining points of LQD garments. From that base, we added designs, again focusing on clashing viewpoints. The waved LQD logo has an organic feel to it, mimicking the spine of a swimming fish and building tension with the sharp synthetic font of the front printed design.

The LQD_V3 collection is the next step in a work in progress. The versioning of LQD represents a constant evolution and the pace of our creative development. We can't wait for you to get your hands on V3 and to show you what's next. 

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Team Liquid Heritage

Team Liquid Heritage
Heritage is a celebration of Team Liquid past, present, and future. With these core items, the Team Liquid standard of excellence in competition meets a standard of quality in garment design, fabrics, and creative direction. Continue reading

Welcome To Our New Store

Welcome To Our New Store
This visual and functional update is the beginning of a new direction for the Team Liquid brand and we couldn't be more excited to share it with you. As you'll see, we've begun to clean up the place and are rolling out a new look and feel for our apparel that will extend through all of our initiatives this year.   Continue reading

About The Team Liquid Championship Jersey

About The Team Liquid Championship Jersey

A 24-year-old photographer from Minas Gerais, Brazil, Maikon Alves is responsible for our powerful new jersey design. A design that will be seen all around the world, worn by our teams competing in various major tournaments. 

Alves conceptualized the jersey in July, the result of studying eight different design concepts. This is the design that came out on top, a representation of our competitiveness, as well as the success of all of our teams and players. 

What was the inspiration for this jersey?

I tried to show the traits and the strength of Team Liquid. The flow, the waves, the horse logo… Of course, I tried to capture the horse, all the speed, the flow of its mane. 

Why did you decide to include the stripes?

Because I see Team Liquid as a team with extreme expression in esports, more than the other teams. The stripes outline Team Liquid’s strength. 

What do they represent?

The stripes represent something like victory, along with the golden detail. I would say it would be a pursuit of victory. It represents something Liquid is always looking for. Winning, gold… So the gold lines are in relation to that, as well as the five players in a lineup symbolized by the five lines as well. Like a constant race in search of victory. And the search is very laborious, taking effort and time. 

Why did you use the colors you did?

So the case for the blue and the darker colors is because we wanted to make it a darker color without moving too far away from the team's theme, which is the blue. We decided to leave the darker parts of the jersey as navy blue, which the fans always want and request. The white, in contrast, adds some brightness. 

We wanted this design to differentiate us from other teams, who often use solid colors in their jersey. So it’s what makes us different, not only on playstyle or as an organization, but also on our jerseys. Everyone who sees this jersey can remember it’s Team Liquid. 

How long have you been designing?

Indirectly, it’s almost six years working in design. But on design of jerseys or jersey concepts specifically, it’s almost been one year or so.

What got you into design in the first place?

A long time ago when I was about 12 years old, I went to a friends house to play PS2 games. And one day I got there and I saw him messing around with Photoshop. He was changing the color of things, and after that I knew I wanted to mess with Photoshop, too. I started changing colors of things and everything else.

What got you involved in Team Liquid for this project?

I first met the Rainbow Six roster. I was a huge fan of them before they were a team, but then they started to reunite. I was already a huge fan, and I was a fan of Team Liquid as well. So seeing them playing together made me want to show the Brazilian fans that I was also a fan through design.

The design I came up with for this jersey was using colors I would want to wear myself. I made a concept and the guys from the team liked it, along with the players, the staff, and the fans. They all liked my work. And then I got in touch with the TL guys. 

So, to sum it up, it was a passion for the game, the team, and the players, and to show what I would like to wear on Team Liquid. That’s how I got involved with the team.


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