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Team Liquid


It’s getting hot in here

Life on earth as we know it is in danger.
All of us are living in a global climate crisis and
we simply cannot afford to be passive. We need to act now.
Team Liquid is committed to becoming a more planet positive company and aims to be part of the solution, not the pollution.

The science is clear. Our future is not. As the oceans rise,
so are we. Help us make the earth cool again.

The solution: Nature

What we need to do, is to bring back nature and restore
the planet’s balance. Applying nature-based solutions to
restore vegetation is the key to bringing down rising global
temperatures. Plants and trees are the air conditioning of our
planet: they remove carbon from the air and cool the surrounding
area. Also, regreening and restoring degraded land positively
impacts water and food security, biodiversity and creates
a better life for millions of people and animals.

How are we helping?

We are donating 5% of all profits over the Black Friday
weekend to Justdiggit, a grassroots organisation that
fights global warming by re-greening Africa.
Our donation will contribute to a greener and cooler planet,
help improve water- and food security, biodiversity,
local economy and livelihoods. It also marks the start of a continued partnership with Justdiggit, and our pledge to become a more planet positive company.

Learn more about justdiggit
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