Welcome To Our New Store

Welcome To Our New Store

This visual and functional update is the beginning of a new direction for the Team Liquid brand and we couldn't be more excited to share it with you. As you'll see, we've begun to clean up the place and are rolling out a new look and feel for our apparel that will extend through all of our initiatives this year.  

Ultimately our e-commerce platform is the home of the brand and was a natural place to start maturing our visual identity. The site is always going to be a work in progress with updates, improvements, and of course, new products on a regular basis so let us know if you have any thoughts or feedback on what you see. 

You'll see some changes to our product as well while we focus our efforts on elevating value and quality. This is a slow process but one we're very excited for. We've been sitting on some insane ideas for the past year that we're finally seeing come to fruition and we can't wait to show you. 

One thing you'll notice as the drops roll in is some distinction in the way we talk about and approach different parts of the brand. These distinctions are crucial for our identity and will let you guys immediately understand where each product story falls in the umbrella of Team Liquid. We think of the Team Liquid brand in three parallels: 


Team Liquid Apparel

This is simply put: apparel for the Team Liquid fans. This is where you'll find your blue and white, your horse head, and the gear you can wear to show your love for the brand. You'll be able to find these items at a variety of price points from our higher tier which may be a stretch for some down to our entry-level affordable options, all with a greater level of quality than you've seen in the past. With hoodies as an example, you'll see options ranging from $50-$100+. 

In theory, this is similar to what we've been doing all along, but we're doubling down on every step of the process from design to development. We're not interested in just creating fan merch and logo tees. Instead, we'll be releasing designs that are stylish and wearable while letting you rep all the same. The next Team Liquid Apparel drop is slated for late April. 


With each drop, LQD has grown beyond our expectations. What started as an experimental way to release some more out-there pieces, LQD has grown into something with a life of its own. As such, we'll be developing the LQD brand in parallel but distinguished from Team Liquid Apparel. 

You can expect things to get a little crazy here as we continue to push the bar. Price points under LQD will be generally higher than Team Liquid Apparel as they've been in the past but it won't be without added value. We're developing some pieces that are bold, risky, and very different from what the Team Liquid fans are used to seeing. Nonetheless, we believe in the vision and want you along for the ride. The next LQD drop is planned for mid May. 


LIQUID x MARVEL was a first of its kind and the start of something incredible for Team Liquid. In 2020 and beyond, we'll be taking the lessons learned in our first year of the collab and applying them to the growth of LIQUID x MARVEL along with some other unannounced top-secret projects we have in the works. 

We're keeping things selective and focused when it comes to collabs, picking and choosing the brands that make sense for both our direction and also the interests of our fans. We want these collaborations to tell a story that is just as authentic as our solo products and won't settle for less. The next LIQUID x MARVEL drop is scheduled for early April and you'll know more about our newest collab by this Summer. 

Our first quarter has been focused almost entirely on planning, scaling our team, and building a launchpad for the brand to excel in the years to come. In the next few months, we'll be ramping up launches and giving you a deeper look into our direction and process. So hit us on social, drop your email below for our newsletter, and stay tuned. 

Logan Leavitt
Logan Leavitt