Team Liquid x Death Note

Team Liquid x Death Note

The collision of two dynamic forces has given life to something truly extraordinary. Team Liquid, a powerhouse in the esports scene, and Death Note, a groundbreaking anime series, have joined forces to create a unique and captivating apparel collection that highlights the best of both worlds. Enter into a realm where gaming prowess meets the intrigue of the supernatural – introducing the Team Liquid x Death Note Apparel Collection!

Team Liquid, renowned for its dominance in competitive gaming across various titles, and Death Note, a cultural phenomenon in the anime realm, have seamlessly woven their identities into a new apparel line. This collaboration transcends the boundaries of traditional esports merchandise, offering a chance to embrace your darker side.

The design philosophy behind the Team Liquid x Death Note Apparel Collection is to encapsulate the spirit of competition and the enigmatic allure of Death Note's narrative. Expect a fusion of sleek, modern aesthetics inspired by Team Liquid, and the mysterious, gothic vibes drawn from Death Note's unique atmosphere. From subtle nods to Death Note's characters to bold representations of Team Liquid's dominance, each piece in this collection tells a story.

Key Pieces:

Death Note Yagami Coat:

Team Liquid x Death Note Yagami Coat
  • A nod to Death Note's protagonist, Light Yagami, this limited-edition coat is inspired by Light’s signature jacket while also being reversible so you can match it with whatever you’re wearing. Embrace the power to change the game with style.

Death Note Ryuk Jacket:



  • Channel the otherworldly presence of Ryuk, the Shinigami, with a jacket that features the impactful shinigami motif. It's perfect for those who appreciate the darker side of both esports and anime.

Death Note Bag:

DEATH NOTE BAG - Team Liquid
  • Elevate your style with a bag that is modeled after Death Note's symbol of absolute power – the Death Note itself. A must-have for fans who want to accessorize their look with the power of Kira. 

Death Note Keycap Base Kit:

  • Elevate your desktop by customizing your keyboard with our newest keycap set. Unleash a macabre flair that features iconic Death Note imagery to your own setup.

Release and Availability:

The Team Liquid x Death Note Apparel Collection is set to drop on Friday, March 29 2024, at 11am PT and will be available exclusively on the official Team Liquid website. With limited quantities, mark your calendars and set your alarm to ensure they secure a piece of this groundbreaking collaboration!