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Team Liquid x Naruto Shippuden - PREORDER UPDATE

UPDATE 2.12.2021 - 6:00PM PST

#LIQUIDxNARUTO was an incredible success and we couldn't be more proud of our launch today. As you may have seen, the traffic crashed our backend systems forcing us to remove the collection on our site to deploy a fix.

This crash caused us to oversell quantities of certain products in error. We will be honoring these purchases with a second production run and throwing some extra goodies your way in apology for the delay. If you're part...

Team Liquid x Naruto Shippuden - PREORDER UPDATE


/// LQD_V3 DROPS 7.31 - 12:00PM PDT ///




For the first year, LQD was more of an expression of product than brand. We started with the LQD_V1_Black Hoodie inspired by streetwear and the fringe tastes of the apparel team. It was a hit, instantly demanding more of ours and the public’s attention. 


Team Liquid Heritage

Heritage is a celebration of Team Liquid past, present, and future. With these core items, the Team Liquid standard of excellence in competition meets a standard of quality in garment design, fabrics, and creative direction.
Team Liquid Heritage

Welcome To Our New Store

This visual and functional update is the beginning of a new direction for the Team Liquid brand and we couldn't be more excited to share it with you. As you'll see, we've begun to clean up the place and are rolling out a new look and feel for our apparel that will extend through all of our initiatives this year.  
Welcome To Our New Store
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